One of a kind Daisy Desk  $1,600.

Barrett DeBusk

We do not include the glass tops - it is much more cost effective for you to get your glass locally. Also, many people prefer marble, slate or granite tops, which we find is also cheaper for you to get locally, and affords you the opportunity to pick out exactly what you want.  We are happy to provide recommended sizes for the glass tops or assist you in finding a local glass source.

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Debusk offers three contemporary table designs, and any wall sculpture can be created into a table.  
The sizes and details are:

  • Entry Table:

           32 inches tall x 46 inches wide and 12 inches deep  

          $1,600.  (shipping $175)

  • Curved Leg Table:

           34 inches tall x 40 inches wide (widest point of curve)  and 12 inches deep

          $1,600.  (shipping $175)

  • Phone Table:

          36 inches tall x 30 inches wide and 12 inches deep  

          $1,400.  (shipping $125.)