The Seventh  24x38 inches  $600.

Leo's Trio  24x38 inches  $700. 

Love in the Vieux Carre  25x38 inches  $950.

'59 Vette  20x39 inches  $750.

Benny 23x27 inches  $450. 

Hot Music  25x38 inches  $850.

One Click Purchasing!

The holidays tend to get busy at the studio, so we wanted to provide a list of all of the sculptures that are already made and ready to ship now.  Click on the image and it will show the size and price. Click on the BUY button and enjoy one click purchasing! (the shipping is already included) - super easy!

We ship via UPS, and Pilot Air Express on the large sculptures.

Feel free to call/text Mary at 505.930.1667 or email her at if you have any questions.

There are MORE!

Check out the entire collection HERE!

Johnny Romance at the Starlight  25x41 inches   $750. 

Boardwalk   *2 sizes available

.26x38 inches  $950.

.34x50 inches  $1,850.

Cafe Joe  25x38 inches  $950.

Oscar's All Nude Music Revue  33x15 inches  $450. 

Wine&Cheese  24x24 inches $600.

Bubbles  15x31 inches  $500.

Birdie  23x27 inches  $450.

Romeo & Juliet  31x47 inches  $1,600. 



Tripping the Light Fantastic  26x38 inches  $950.

Live to Ride  28x50 inches  $1,000.

Dexter  27x19 inches  $450.

Pack o'derms  24x38 inches $700.

Still Life with Pears  31x31 inches  $800.

Portait of Camille  *2 sizes available

.26x26 inches $650.

.36x36 inches  $1,200.

Blue Moon  48x76 inches   $3,400.

"First Date"  New 2018!

25x42 inches  $950.  edition of 25
32x56 inches  $1850.  edition of 15
50x84 inches $3,800.  edition of 5



Barrett DeBusk

Back Country  28x23 inches  $600.