Billy, Joe & Mary  26x42 inches  $950.

Heaven is for Horses  24x38 inches  $950.

Rack 'Em  25x40 inches $950.

Portrait of Camille 

.26x26 inches  $700.

Jake's Holiday  46x74inches   $3,500.

Red Hots 24x38 inches $950.

Pack'O'derms 24x38 inches  $950.

Tingle Tangle  32x26 inches  $700.

Live to Ride  28x50 inches  $1,000.


.26x38 inches  $950.

Note: There is one I am waiting on a picture of, but fans may recognize the title:

.  64 1/2 Mustang 27x42 inches $800. (apparently of the FIRST mustang built, thus the 1/2)

Romeo & Juliet  31x47 inches  $1,800

Central Bark 31 x 49 inches $1850.

Ruby Balcony  24x38 inches  $950.

Barrett DeBusk

City Nights  73 x 46 inches tall  $3400.

(the one made is in stainless steel, not powdercoated black

Boston Skyline 31x49 inches $1800.

*was on display at Fuller Craft Museum

Still Life with Pears 

.31x31 inches $850.  *2 available

.24 x 24 inches $700.

Baby Happies - purple

6 inches tall, steel  $325. 

Uptown  25x40 inches  $950

'Toast of the Town

.25 x 33  inches $600.  

.31 x 42 inches $1200.

(seen in several movies, including Housesitter!)

Red Door  48x76 inches $3500. 

(updated 7/29/23)


We wanted to provide a list of all of the sculptures that are already made and ready to ship now.   

*** Click on the price and it will

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with ground shipping already included ***

*you can also Venmo @galleryarlo

We ship via UPS, and Pilot Air Express on the large sculptures.  When you order, we'll figure out the most cost effective shipping for you, depending if you are buying multiples or large pieces, etc.

Feel free to call/text Mary at 505.930.1667 or email her at if you have any questions.

There are MORE!

Check out the entire collection HERE!

Tango 24x26 inches  $550

Moore at the Metropolitan

26x40 inches $950.

Love in the Vieux Carre 24x38 inches $950.

Metro  25x38 inches   $950. 


30 x 24 inches $700.

I Want My MTV  24x38 inches $950

​(built in the 80's!)

Toots  15x31 inches  $600.

28 inch Fat Happy $3,800.

4 foot  $10,500.

5 foot  $12,500.

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