Barrett DeBusk

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"Fat Happy" series

Permanent Installation, Palm Desert

Permanent Installation, Museum of Science & History

"I just like to make stuff"

​DeBusk has been creating art for over 30 years.  
What began as an attempt to pass a drawing class using steel

instead of pencil and paper
has become a long and celebrated career that spans the globe.  
DeBusk has entertained dignitaries at the American

Ambassadors home in Amsterdam,
enjoyed successful gallery exhibitions from St. Louis to

Tokyo and all points in between.  
His artwork has been treasured in the White House, on the big screen, 
in museums and public displays and, most importantly, in homes around the world.  

By telling his stories in his narrative wall sculptures, 
he tells us OUR stories - from love and romance to smoky evenings in a jazz cafe, 
the world of DeBusk belongs to all of us.